Let's get one thing straight. Coming from most owners who've made the jump, the decision is unanimous: Party tents are a great investment!

There's a LOT of holidays that we celebrate in this great country, and almost every single one of them is best enjoyed with a backyard party along with some chilled beer and a good BBQ. A good quality party tent gives you the much needed space, flexibility as well as protection- making sure you'll have a wonderful time, no matter what kind of weather! For intimate family gatherings, you can count on our easy pop up tent. From our simple, straightforward party tent models which you assemble yourself, no tools needed. They can go from a capacity of up to 16 people or even 50 people. You'll have the freedom to use this shaded space for a variety of purposes, like to set up your tables when eating, or throwing in some comfy bean bags for napping or chairs when hanging out on your backyard for all those nice sunny days. All of our best-selling USA party tents come in a variety of colors, from the basic white, or something closer to nature like brown or green and even brighter options like blue, or orange.

If you are an entrepreneur or own an event management company, then we strongly recommend to you our high-peak party tents, capable of hosting up to 200 participants. Our website has everything you need to plan that perfect wedding, from a walkway aisle runner to some globe mood lighting for an evening reception. When you decide to buy a party tent from us, you always have the option to put it away whenever you don't need it. All of our pop-up party tents come with storage bags. The beams used are all made with high quality, rust-resistant steel framework, assuring you of its durability. We also offer a lifetime guarantee on all of the party tents in our arsenal.

These are the best reasons to buy your own personal party tent that we know of. Here at The Gazebo Store, we are very thankful that you are considering making this lasting investment, and we look forward to serving you in all your party needs soon!