To the original purchaser, TheGazeboStore.com warrants its products from defects in materials and workmanship.

This limited warranty does not cover wear, soiling, fading, shrinkage, or stains from normal usage and care. It also does not cover the canopies, sidewalls, ropes or stakes. It does cover the frame's poles. The product must be properly secured, maintained, and utilized for the purpose for which it was intended. TheGazeboStore.com maintains the exclusive right to repair the product within the published warranty period. If the product is broken/damaged during assembly or use, it will not be covered.

The party tent must be properly utilized and maintained from the time of purchase.

Please do not leave up your party tents overnight. Any damage caused to tents left up overnight will be the customer's responsibility, and TheGazeboStore will not be held responsible. Only commercial tents can be left up overnight (under regular type weathers) and still be covered by this policy.

Please note that every product ordered is only allowed to be claimed for a repair or replacement once per warranty period!

*If you receive the tent with damage or defects such as parts which don't fit properly, and decide to use it anyway, the warranty will be void. Please make sure to contact us within 10 days of delivery with any damage that was already here when you received your order. If other parts are damaged as a result of the the tent being used with defects/damaged, the warranty will be void.

Please make sure you keep your order number that is given to you at the time of purchase. This number will serve you if you would like to do a warranty claim, as without this number we cannot proceed.

The warranty claim is a very simple process, simply send an email to warranty@thegazebostore.com with brief description of the issue and your order number and wait for our representative to respond within one business day. If images are required to explain the claim, please attach them to the email.

When we replace the party tent or its parts, the customer will be required to pay only the shipping fee. Shipping fee may vary.

**Please note that the order number can be found at the end of your order or on the confirmation email you received.

Under no circumstances is TheGazeboStore liable for any damage caused to the tent, its frame, its contents, its surroundings or anything else, whatsoever. Vigilance and attention is entirely the responsibility of the person(s) using the tent. If parts happen to be out of stock, they will be shipped once they are in stock. In the meantime, TheGazeboStore is not responsible for any charges the customer may accrue from renting a replacement or for any other expense related directly or indirectly to the missing parts or damaged tent/gazebo.

This policy is subject to change without any notice.

Contact Information:
Email: warranty@thegazebostore.com