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Why The Gazebo Store

For two decades, The Gazebo Store has been providing customers the world over with the best shopping experience for all their outdoor party needs.

Our commitment in keeping our prices low & competitive, combined with our hassle-free returns & warranty and excellent customer service has made us the #1 Rated Store for Gazebos and Party Tents.

Our relentless pursuit in upholding the highest level of customer satisfaction has set us apart and kept us at #1 for years.

The durability, reliability and classic designs of our products also ensure that we have the right product for you and your every party need, backed with our “Free Shipping On All Orders” policy.

Your online solution for all your outdoor events, The Gazebo Store.

Real Customer Testimonials

"We own an event hall with a lot of outdoor space on the back. One of our customers wanted to take his wedding outdoors, so I ordered two of the 20x60 party tents, as well as an assortment of other random tents. We purchased the lights, the heaters, and the white runway carpet as well. It looked amazing and the good thing about these tents is that they are so sturdy and made of such good quality, that I’ll be able to rent them out for many events in the future. The decoration was gorgeous and Mike was great at helping me from A to Z. He helped me during the ordering process, and all the way through the setup of the tents. He even gave me tips on how to decorate which were amazing and made our event a total success!"

Kevin McCartney Los Angeles, California

"Our rental company cancelled on us at the last minute, and we didn't know what to do! We looked online and found TheGazeboStore who was able to ship out a beautiful 20' X 40' Party Tent to me just in time! The setup was super easy thanks to the instructions that came with it, and the decorative lights we bought from the accessories' category were gorgeous. Our guests were really impressed with the results and thought it looked lovely! It was really great, and I'm so happy my husband suggested we buy one instead of renting, which actually ended up being less expensive than a rental, go figure."

Brian Tyler Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"I run 4 spaces in a touring flee market. I knew I needed a canopy but I didn’t know which to get. I called TheGazeboStore via their toll-free number, and spoke to Sarah. She suggested I take the easy pop up tents because they are super convenient to travel with, and could be set up in under 5 minutes. After a long hard day of work, all I want is to fold my tent up within a couple of minutes and be done with it, so this was the perfect choice. Also I knew I’d be keeping it for a long time, and that it would get a lot of usage so I got the upgraded model, and am super happy I did! These tents weigh over 100lbs each, and do not move in the wind or in the rain. They are certainly great for our business!"

Tina Jarvis Stone Mountain, Georgia

"I bought so many party tents over the years from different suppliers, and I can say with certainty that TheGazeboStore sells the best wedding tents on the market! I rent them out to my customers and so am always in need of party tents. These are the ones that I have been able to keep the longest. Some of them are still up and running every day, and I bought them over 5 years ago! Thanks again to TheGazeboStore!"

Alice Love Houston, Texas

"We would like to thank you for all the time and effort that you invested in helping our company. Our resort needed 5 big tents, and John was great at helping me pick them out. The order was delivered so fast and we were able to set it up super quickly! You could be certain that I will be ordering all my tents from TheGazeboStore from now on. You have made a loyal customer out of me, and I am hoping this will be a very long and fruitful business relationship."

Kim Do Lan Snohomish, Washington

"We’ve been renting party tents for our events every year. Finally, one of our board members suggested we buy a tent and pointed us to TheGazeboStore. He said he was very satisfied with the business he’s done with you guys, and I couldn’t agree more! You delivered my tents in under a week, and I’ve been using them every day for the past three months! Great investment, and amazing customer service! Thanks again"

Barbra Blanco Roscoe, New York

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